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CafeBar Bazaar 2024


Next year, on February 24-25., we will organize the defining event of the domestic coffee and bar world, the fourteenth Coffee Bar Bazaar, which will be hosted in hall B of the Millenáris. By purchasing a ticket, visitors can purchase the products of more than forty exhibitors; you can taste coffees, wines, beers, spirits and other drink specialties all day at the stands.


OPENING HOURS: Sat: 10:00–19:00, Sun: 10:00-19:00



early-bird daily admission ticket: HUF 5,000

early-bird couple ticket and two-day ticket: HUF 9,000

daily admission ticket at the venue: HUF 5,900


The ticket includes participation in the programmes, unlimited tasting and promotional samples at the stands, as well as a coffee tasting glass.





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